Friday, 25 October 2013

Friday 25th October 2013

Today was a public holiday so I decided to have a nice sleep in. We have to keep the curtains closed well now as it doesn't get dark anymore and you could read a book outside at four AM. When I checked the weather there was a sixty knot blizzard raging outside.

Justin made a fancy lunch for the guys that are leaving us and we had crayfish, prawns & quail. I had to do geo magnetic observation training all morning so I missed eating lunch with the rest of the team. The year old frozen crayfish was pretty dry but the quail and prawns were delicious. 

After lunch was a games day competition. I was feeling a bit crook so I didn't participate and had a lie down for a while. It was scraps for dinner and later on in the night we watched the last Trailer park boy’s movie.

During a blizzard, drift snow will get into everything. It fills up vehicles and buildings with just the slightest opening. In the transmitter building the wind will blow through tiny cracks in the outer shell and drift snow will blow through the tiny rivet holes in the window frame filling the windows and walls with snow in no time.

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