Thursday, 3 October 2013

Thursday 3rd October 2013

Today I wanted to investigate a fault with the radio console system and hopefully repair it. It appeared to be a software issue and I need to locate a manual to continue any further. I finish off the tide gauge manual and in the afternoon I had a moon bounce sked with Tim N3XX in the US. It was looking impossible for a while and then suddenly I got three returns from him and things were looking up.

Then it went quiet for another twenty two minutes and I thought it was all over and then he came back again. The moon was only five degrees above my horizon at this stage and I couldn't even see it due to the thick cloud. That’s a round trip of 774,879 kilometres and my best effort yet and I was very happy with the results.

Tonight’s foreign movie was a Norwegian horror movie and wasn't too bad. Justin and Chris rode up to Mt Henderson hut tonight to be part of the SAR excise tomorrow.

My antenna

Tim's antenna


  1. G'day Craig, great results,
    still looks like Mawson scrap heap to me.
    Take care, Brian

  2. What do you mean?
    It's a technological marvel and work of art !!

  3. Mate work of art mmmm? Sims metal $1.75, memories $1,000,000