Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Tuesday 15th October 2013

Today was also pretty good weather so after doing ARPANSA I spent most of the day working on RTA. I moved two huge TV’s back into the green store for storage, then I packed up all RTA material into boxes and carried them over to the green store including three printers and a large UPS. It was hard work and all items had to be itemised and entered into the computer.

I still have four very large printers and three very heavy UPS to move into the green store to be packed and readied for RTA. These can wait for wooded crates to be made and a fine day and many hands to help move them. At least apart from the four printers, all this crap is now out of my areas and all our building are now clean and tidy. The transmitter building looks fantastic and is probably the cleanest it’s been in over forty years.

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