Friday, 27 December 2013

Friday 27th December 2013

Today I packed up all my gear in the workshop and labeled everything ready to go and then I went down to the transmitter building and finished boxing up all my equipment not being used and carried it all back to the workshop including the PC I had been using throughout the year. I brought a lot of stuff down here that I haven't used as I didn't know what to expect when I got here so I had to cater for all possibilities.

In the afternoon I went up to the transceiver hut to check all of the antennas and I found the temporary air / ground antenna to be faulty, so I replaced this antenna with a new one from the green store. The batteries in my analyzer went flat and on my way back to the workshop we had a fire alarm due to the sprinklers going off in the main power house by mistake. By the time I got things ready to go back up to the  transceiver hut it was time to knock off, so I will have to get back to that job another day.

Tonight is the last night for Helen and Cecelia on station before they head out to Bechervaise Island so we celebrated with a pizza night and a quiz which was good fun. Latter we watched a really crappy movie in the evening which I cant even remember what it was called.

Deep snow drift on the way down to Warren

The Transmitter building

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