Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Wednesday 18th December 2013

Today I spent most of my time loading new software onto the geomag computer. Sounds easy but there were corrupt files and it took ages to sort it all out. When I thought I had it sussed I headed over to the absolute magnetic hut to do the weekly observations with the new software and it crashed about an hour into it, so I packed up and went back to the office. Back at the office I started cleaning up, removing crap off the notice boards going back to 2002 and cleaning out draws and filing cabinets. There is just so much shit down here that has accumulated over the past sixty years and now that everything is now stored on computers, most of the stuff in the filing cabinets is now just a fire hazard. I took a ute up to the red shed and picked up all the field equipment I packed up last night and took it all back to the field store.

Later I loaded some programs onto my laptop for the trip home and then tested my laptop with my radio and configured all the software and tested it on air making many adjustments. This time I am planning on taking my radio with me onto the ship as it is going to be a long three week crowded trip and so I’m going to setup my radio in the radio room and this will give me plenty of opportunity to kill time on the long trip back home. After dinner I spent many hours working on my blog.

I'm going to miss my all terrain vehicle with free fuel card

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