Friday, 6 December 2013

Friday 6th December 2013

Today we woke to a sixty knot blizzard in stark contrast to the beautiful day yesterday. Everything is white once again and it’s back to battling your way along the bliz lines with full winter gear on. I managed to down load all the old tide gauge data files which will make the guys in Kingston very happy and I also prepared the transit box ready to place it into the RTA container. I spent the rest of the day faultfinding the radio link to Bechervaise Island which uses our paging system to turn things on and off while Richard completed the throughput testing of the BGAN backup satellite link. For dinner we had a lamb on the spit. It must have been fun watching the guys carry it over to the red shed from the EVS in sixty knot winds!!

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  1. Hi Craig that lamb sounds wonderful had,lamb,pork and beef done on the spit for Cyndy's 40th very special. Can almost smell it. Mum.xx