Sunday, 15 December 2013

Sunday 15th December 2013

Today after breakfast I went with Darron, John and Steve to the newly installed automatic weather station (Installed by the project people) about thirty kilometres south east of Mt Henderson way out in the middle of nowhere. Darron had to do a bit of work on it, and when we finally got there it was such a dodgy install, I’m amazed it had lasted this long. Lots of nuts and bolts were loose and it looked like a down town Bangkok power pole.

The Bangkok power pole

After we down loaded all the dated and fixed all the problems we headed off back to Mt Henderson hut for the night. John and Darron headed off for another one of their marathon hikes to several different summits while I went for a walk to a nearby wind scour. 

I climbed down hundreds of meters while above me John and Darron climbed up hundreds of meters to the summit above me. The wind scour was amazing and one of the best I have seen in the Framnes Moutains. On the climb out I stopped under the hundred plus meter ice wall and sat on an ice shelf and listened to the water dripping and a river running nearby. It was one of those serene moments in life. Back at the hut we cracked a few tinnies and told a few lies before having a bite to eat before bed. I spent most of the night shivering and trying to keep the sun out of my eyes.

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