Thursday, 19 December 2013

Thursday 19th December 2013

Today was another fine day. Richard was away, so I spent a couple of hours printing the morning news papers, then I started backing up the media server and then went down to the workshop to label and box up all the media server spares, then it was off to do the ARPANSA filter change.

After this I modified two power supplies and repaired a portable radio, then I packed up all the project gear and then RTA’ed it back to Kingston and placed it into the comms container. In the afternoon I got all the equipment together for tomorrow’s fire training and set up and filled the fire drums. I decided to go for a walk out to east arm to make some measurements on one of the HF balun’s and on the way back I dropped into the transmitter building. 

I loaded some new software onto both my laptop and the radio computer and spent quite a bit of time configuring both the PC and laptop and documenting the configuration. After dinner I worked on my blog till late again.

The balun I wanted to measure the termination resistors was now in a lake

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