Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Wednesday 25th December 2013

It was another lovely day here at Mawson with no wind and a sunny blue sky. The day started with a special Christmas breakfast and ten o'clock and I enjoyed a hot ham and cheese croissant and some smoked salmon. After breakfast I had to go and do the ARPANSA filter change and then I went down to the shack and made a few calls for an hour or so. At one thirty everyone gathered down at the jetty for the summer swim which was a good laugh.

At three o'clock we had Christmas dinner in the mess and it was a pretty good spread, just a pity the prawns and crayfish were a year old. In traditional fashion we all stuffed ourselves and then laid around like fat pigs for the rest of the day drinking wine or beer. At six o'clock we had gift ceremony where we were all given cards and when your card was called you could pick a present or take one of someone else. It was all good fun and went on for ages until we had exhausted all the cards and we were left with one present each. 

I got a bottle of black Sambuca so that will be put to good use on new year's eve. I'm not too sure what happened next but I do remember waking up in the cinema next to Paul and Jeff.

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