Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Tuesday 17th December 2013

This morning I cleared heaps of emails and then did the ARPANSA filter change. After this I got a heap of tools and materials together and then ran a new UTP cable and installed two new outlets in the ARPANSA laboratory ready for the new spectrometers we are going to install at resupply. Later I cleaned up the workshop then went for a walk to check out the oil spill cleanup activities. Now all the snow and ice is melting we can continue to clean up the fuel that leaked out ten months ago.

Late afternoon I went down to the transmitter building and installed the new release of PowerSDR software and cleaned up the hard disk on the shack computer. This new version of PowerSDR deleted my entire configuration so I had to spend the next two hours reconfiguring the whole application. Today I bought a ten litre cask of wine off Luc to supplement my rations and along with the carton of Corona, bottle of Vodka and bottle of jagermeister I bought off Jeremy I should be OK till the ship arrives. 

Tonight I started packing redundant clothing and I also cleared out all the non required field equipment from my spare room to take back to the field store as I don’t want to be unorganized and flapping at the last minute to get ready to leave. After I down loaded and sorted out all my photos from the weekend.

This building is called "Wombat" and is the science building. I have no idea of its history? I'm guessing circa 1960's

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