Sunday, 22 December 2013

Sunday 22nd December 2013

I woke up early for a Sunday with a lot of things on my mind. I messed around for a while on my computer, then got up and had a shower and then did the ARPANSA filter change wearing only shorts, T-shirt and thongs. The +3c warm weather we have been experiencing has been playing havoc with our -180c coolers for the gamma ray detectors, so I had to leave the door open all day to try and cool the room down.

I had some breakfast and then did some more washing, vacuumed my room and corridor and then cleaned my bathroom. I did some more down loading from the media server and then went outside for a walk and gave the guys a hand making our Merry Christmas sign.

 Again I spent the whole afternoon finishing setting up my laptop to replace the computer I have been using all year in the transmitter building. There were some real tricky applications to get going and a lot of things to copy across but finally I think I’m finished and sometime this week when I’m confident with my laptop I will shut down that PC and return it to the red shed.

Slowly I am packing things up and getting ready for my departure. By the time I had finished it was too late to do anything and I was tired so I went back to the red shed and warmed up some scraps for dinner and then watched a nice movie called the Intouchables.

Merry Christmas from everyone at Mawson station 2013

Also, make sure you check out the time laps video on You Tube


  1. Hi Craig
    Best wishes to you and all the Mawson team for Christmas. We're visiting family in S.Aust and expecting 35C for the day, whereas you'll be getting something much cooler. Hope you have a good one,

  2. Merry Christmas Peter
    Just been enjoying a Christmas eve beer outside in the warm sun in -3c