Saturday, 28 December 2013

Saturday 28th December 2013

Today I was woken up to be told I had to cook smoko. I knew nothing about it as we have never had an official smoko on weekends over winter. Anyway, Richard cooked smoko for me while I had a shower and got ready to start preparing tonight’s meal as I am the cook. I worked very hard all day preparing all the ingredients to cook up later. I was cooking for nineteen this time and I cooked seafood fried rice that was packed full of prawns, muscles, scallops, bacon and mushrooms. I also cooked tender soy chicken, Chinese stir-fry vegetables, salt n pepper squid and self sourcing chocolate pudding. I ran an hour over time but everyone said it was worth the wait and I received many compliments which made the hard work seem worthwhile.

Now here's a flash back, Jeremy filling Jeff's boots with cement.

Jeff later got the shits and smashed it all out and he is still wearing them today

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