Monday, 13 January 2014

Monday 13th January 2014

I hardly got any sleep last night as I have an abscess on my rear molar and a major tooth ache. I saw the doctor and he has put me on antibiotics for two weeks to hopefully clear up the infection otherwise it will have to be ripped out with a pair of pliers. With a bit of luck it will get me through until I can see a dentist back in Australia.

Richard was still away so I had to do ARPANSA, down load tonight's Dakar and print the news papers. I had to go out on East arm to measure the termination resistors on the terminated triangle antennas. In the afternoon I spent about three hours packing up my gear and cloths to be RTA’ed. I checked my radio but the bands were all dead. Like last night I had a beer in the sun out on East arm while watching the penguins and seals swimming. In the evening I watched a brilliant documentary with Luc about all the old steam engines still in use today in China.

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