Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Wednesday 15th January 2014

Today it was very cold and windy and I was annoyed that I had to wear a jacket, hat and gloves. I went out to East arm to collect my camera first thing and then went to the office. In one of my emails was a request to go out to East arm to measure up some equipment....doh.

After ARPANSA I got some packing tape and made labels for my packing boxes. I had to see the doctor about my tooth again. I have a hole in the side of my gum with the root of the tooth exposed. The antibiotics seem to be working well, but I still have pain and a foul taste in my mouth. I went back out to East arm to make the measurements and then I spent a couple of hours working out a problem on a computer. 

After work I had a spa and read some more of my book and then later I worked on my blog and watched some TV in the cinema.

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