Thursday, 9 January 2014

Thursday 9th January 2014

The ARPANSA laboratory over heated again yesterday, so in addition to installing ducting to vent the bleed air over the detectors, today I installed a blower and a pedestal fan to move the air around so we will see how that goes. I dug around the workshop to find some spare geo-mag equipment they want sent back to Canberra and after that I went and did the geo-mag weekly observations. Unfortunately the new software still wouldn't work so I reverted back to the old software.

The tide was really low this afternoon so I went for a long walk right around East arm and around East bay checking out all the things uncovered by the retreating ice. I picked up a few more giant sea spiders and saw lots of star fish and krill. I also saw lots of rubbish that had been burnt and pushed off the cliffs years before. There is a nice waterfall coming down off the plateau near the absolute magnetic hut and it's so nice to see and hear liquid water once again. There are some really nice melting ice formations and beautiful pools.

At 1630 I had another failed EME sked this time into South Australia. At 1830 I had to open up both doors in the ARPANSA building as the temperature had reached +30c and I was worried about losing both detectors.

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