Thursday, 16 January 2014

Thursday 16th January 2014

Well today wasn't very exciting. After doing ARPANSA I spent the whole day cleaning up and removing old files from the file server and several PC’s I have been using throughout the year. I also managed to find my MixW log file that is a hidden compatibility file whatever that is? At least now I know it is getting backed up and is on my laptop ready to take home with me. After work I enjoyed a couple of coldies out on east arm away from the MPH in total silence watching the ice move back and forth from the gentle swell rolling through.

On these still clam days it’s possible to watch the tide rise and fall before your eyes, something that I have never witnessed before. The only thing to break the silence is the odd penguin calling out and the sea ice crushing together now and then. The nights are getting colder now and the open water is covered in grease ice every morning so if the sea ice doesn't blow out soon the sea is going to refreeze and lock all the ice back in. Normally the sea ice would have broken out by this time of year.

Grease ice forming over night every day now

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