Saturday, 18 January 2014

Saturday 18th January 2014

At around 7am the power went off for about forty minutes, then we got a fire alarm and I couldn't see to get dressed, it was a false alarm but by now my sleep-in was ruined. After breakfast I reset the antenna tracking system on the ANARESAT antenna and then went up to the transceivers hut to investigate why our local radio station Blizz FM was not working after the power outage and I discovered its power supply was no longer working, so I removed the transmitter to take back to the workshop for further investigation.

I spent a few hours on the radio chatting to people back in Australia and after dinner Luc and I talked shit out on East arm while watching the sunset and moonrise at the same time, it was a really spectacular view. When the sun went down a breeze came up and instantly I started to become hypothermic during the long walk back to the red shed wearing only a T-shirt.

View of Mt Henderson from East arm

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