Friday, 24 January 2014


Houston; we have a problem.........

The sea is still frozen out to a distance of 30 miles and then there is heavy pack ice out another 20 miles preventing the ship reaching us. It was to come and get us first and then go onto Davis and then Casey before returning to Hobart, but now they are going to go to Casey and Davis first and hope the extra couple of weeks will break out our sea ice and they can pick us up last.

If the sea ice doesn't break out, they will leave us here and return to Hobart to get helicopters to try and fly us out. So, with plan one the ship won't get here till the 19th Feb and if they have to go back and get helicopters they won't get here until 1st April.

We are a couple of weeks past the summer solstice so things are cooling down and the sea is refreezing over night, so it is my guess that unless we get a major blizzard that can blow out all the sea ice we are stuck here and will have to be extracted by helicopters.

We have emergency rations for another year but maybe not enough fuel. I'm sure they will get us out with helicopters no problem, but it's any ones guess when I will get home now?


  1. So sad about the baby penguins. If it is a seasonal thing l guess its to be expected.
    Not due to global warming.?Mum. See you soon maybe.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I was told by the biologists it's always hit and miss for the penguins in such a harsh environment. There is no indication this is due to global warming. Sad, but that's mother nature.

  2. Seems a bit crazy to me - you wish for clear weather and little wind (both not normally associated with Mawson) and then when you get it in spades, you want a blizzard or two instead!...
    Totally understand the precariousness of your travel situation Craig, and the way that everything is dictated by the weather. I hope you get that crap weather in the next fortnight to make it easier to get home.
    I've thoroughly enjoyed your latest stories from up in the mountains, plus fabulous pics too - nice one.

    1. Peter,

      The AA has had such a busy season and has had to push the boundaries, it went into Davis too early and got stuck and was delayed by the Russian ship. All this has a flow on effect to other programs. I don't care about the delays, life is good down here. I am not keen to spend another year down here without booze, bacon and frozen food though. Personally I can't see the sea ice breaking out before the 24th Feb, so I think it will be a helicopter resupply around the the 1st of April. You have to be very flexible down here. I'm happy with the nice weather and I don't mind a helicopter re-supply. That's just the way she goes

  3. Don't eat the yellow snow mate..