Friday, 10 May 2013

Friday 10th May 2013

Today was quite a nice day and after smoko we had sea ice training out on Horse Shoe Harbor. This was pretty basic stuff and we also drilled quite a few holes to measure the sea ice thickness which was 520mm. I’ve searched all over the station and we don’t have any 30A 5AG fuses to fit my HF amplifier. After considering all options I decided rather than modifying any thing on my amp, it would be better to bridge out the fuse holders and to make up an external circuit breaker. So I spent the rest of the afternoon installing a 32A RCD in a junction box with a plug and socket to go in line with my amplifier. This worked out great and tested out OK.

Since my success with moon bounce I have come under pressure by fellow expeditioners to write up a story for Icy news, so after pizzas up in Klub Katabatic I spent the rest of the night putting something together.

This link will take you to my Icy news story

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