Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tuesday 7th May 2013

I got up early once again this time to try a moon bounce contact with Greg in Poland. Unfortunately this time was unsuccessful and nothing was heard. It was a beautiful morning with just a slither of moon and a brisk minus forty two wind chill.

At eight o’clock I wandered back to the mess as I was the slushy for today. Most of our fruit and vegetables that are left  are getting quite putrid now and are covered in rot and the storage rooms stink. I spent an hour washing and cutting all the rot and mold out of the carrots for tonight's dinner.

About the only eventful thing to happen was when I was carrying out two heavy bins of rubbish to empty into the rubbish container when I slipped on the ice and landed hard on my back and arm with all the cans and bottles landing on top of me as I slid down the ice on my back wearing thongs and a T-shirt in minus forty two – Gee, was that fun !!

Cookie, John, Darron and Cliff went for a ride on the quads to Tailor rookery for the day over the sea ice but they came back early as the sea ice forty kilometres away was only three hundred and fifty millimetres thick and not the four hundred millimetres required, mind you ice road truckers could cross this ice no problem. It should be thick enough in another week or so. Darron suffered some bad frost nip on his cheeks but should be fine.
The lovely four o'clock sunset today


  1. Ouch !!!

    would be very funny to see you landed on ice with all those can and bottle on top ha ha ha ha ha ha
    I am sure all those seal laughing at you !!

  2. Hi Craig,

    Love the moon bounce stuff. Once call established do you QRP or just go for maximum smoke? What power are you using into your yagi?

    Matt H.

  3. Hi Matt, Running 500 watts @ 50 MHz = 7290 EIRP
    You need all the power you can get to combat free space loss and the moon will only reflect 7% so the receive levels are miniscule.