Saturday, 11 May 2013

Saturday 11th May 2013

Today was a beautiful day without any wind, so after a sleep in and some brunch I headed off down to the radio shack to replace the RG213 cable on my 6m antenna with some LDF550 cable I scrounged up. This should give me another 250 watts of power to the antenna increasing my station performance. It was a real mongrel job but after a few hours I had it installed and a trench dug in the snow and the cable buried. It tested fine and then I repaired another cable fault. By the time I finished it was getting close to dinner time so I went and had a shower and checked my email.

Tonight’s dinner was a real nice Chinese spread and I thoroughly enjoyed it washed down with a nice bottle of red. Afterwards we adjourned to Klub Katabatic for a few drinks. It was one of those nights where the planets line up and everything just comes together. There were Tequila shots, Sambooka, whisky, gin and beer flowing freely and during the night there was a fire extinguisher display, wrestling, long distance precession dart throwing and much song and dance. The night finished with a few episodes of Red Dwarf........apparently.

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