Thursday, 2 May 2013

Thursday 2nd May 2013

With the Haggglunds installation over and the monthly report now out of the way I could now relax a bit and concentrate on getting all those little administrative jobs out of the way that have been piling up on my desk for a while and clean out the office and workshop. First task was to put together the Mawson telephone directory. Sounds easy and strait forward but having done dozens of these before I know how long they take. This actually took most of the day as believe it or not no one over the years had bothered to save one on the file server so I had to do it all from scratch. It will be very handy for everyone on station. I would normally do this in the first week but because of all the distractions and other priority's it has been pushed back until now.

Next on the agenda is the station muster list. I actually did one of these when we first got here to comply with HSE but I've now tricked it up with a lot more information and this along with the directory will be put up and each muster site.

Latter in the afternoon I took my attention to a very expensive communications receiver that was left from the previous guys in a million pieces on one of the work benches. I remember enquiring as to what is wrong with it and was told the tech had pulled it apart to try and learn how it worked???
Shouldn't he already know this before being sent down???
Turns out neither of them had formal qualifications. Any way it would have been nice if he could have put the bloody thing back together before he left. It took me several hours but I managed to get it all back together and actually working again. I can now use this to monitor my 6m beacon.

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