Thursday, 30 May 2013

Thursday 30th May 2013

I woke up a bit late and checked all my emails from my room and while doing my regular equipment checks I noticed the ANARESAT monitor had many alarms. I called Chris and he said the modem had died yesterday and we lost the satellite and he had changed over to the spare modem. I went for a wander over to the ANARESAT equipment room to check things out. I discovered the beacon signal level was very high which may have caused the modem to hang up. Chris came over and we both worked on the system attenuating the beacon level and resetting the modem. We also reset the monitor PC and all was back to normal. I spent a bit of time writing my Blog while things were still fresh in my head and generally had a fairly cruisey day recovering.

Every time I go to the mess Vida snarls at me. I think she is trying to tell me something?

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  1. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm , I think he definitely trying to tell you something !!!
    pay attention