Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tuesday 21st May 2013

Today was quite a nice day again and after I had done APANSA and had smoko, I went for a walk out to west arm to inspect the antennas and towers. One of the 600 ohm feeders had snapped and so I coiled the cable up to be repaired another day. Apart from that every thing else was in good condition. I stumbled accross this old brass plate on the rocks that is a bench mark for glacio tide levels. There is stuff like this all over this place.

I have been asked to write a story for “Amateur Radio” magazine about my radio activities down here at Mawson so I submitted a story and a few photos so that will be interesting if it ever makes it to print. After lunch I moved all the band audio equipment down to the Biscoe hut (Old rec room cerca 1950's) using the green Hag. The amplifier was too heavy for just myself so I had to get Peter C to give me a hand. Of course some cables were missing so I couldn't set it up and turn it on, so I popped in my iphone ear plugs and cranked up the sound and played the drums for about two hours before dinner. I will find or make new cables tomorrow.

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