Friday, 3 May 2013

Friday 3rd May 2013

Today I used an application to measure the Wifi signal all throughout the red shed and the operations building. Both buildings had adequate signal coverage and we don't need to install any more Wifi equipment in these two buildings. Next step is to install Wifi in the tradies building and also in the chippies building.

I took some time out to work an EME sked with Peter G8BCG in the UK. Once again things didn't go too well and I only received two messages from Peter with a third message coming from VE4DK in Canada. It was pretty exciting to receive some signals reflected off the moon though.

Afterwards I did another job that I would liked to have done shortly after we got here and that is to reprogramme all the telephones with peoples names and other information. It's nice to be slowly getting on top of things. After work I was burnt out and very tired so I went to bed early.

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