Thursday, 16 January 2014

Power generation at Mawson station

At Mawson, the main power house (MPH) is powered by 4 Caterpillar 3306, turbo-charged generator sets, each of 125 kW capacity. All are fitted with Stamford alternators. Depending on the energy requirements, up to 3 of these generators run at any one time.

The emergency power house (EPH) at Mawson is equipped with 1 Caterpillar V12 turbo-charged generator with a capacity of 384 kW.

The Mawson power supply is also boosted with two wind powered turbines which can supply up to 95% of the station's power requirements in times of high winds. These two turbines reduce the amount of diesel fuel required by over two thirds, from 600,000 litres a year to less than 200,000 litres. The wind turbines also save 1,500 tonnes of CO2 a year from being released into the environment.

These wind powered turbines are made in Germany by Enercon and some of their specifications are;

Rated power: 330 kW
Rotor diameter: 33.4 m
Hub height: 50 m
Turbine concept: Gearless, variable speed, single blade pitch adjustment
Type: Upwind rotor with active pitch control
Rotation direction: Clockwise
No of blades: 3
Sweep area: 876 m²
Blade material: GRP (epoxy resin)
Rotational speed: Variable, 18 - 45 rpm
Main bearing: Tapered roller bearing pair
Generator: ENERCON direct-drive annular generator

Power is distributed around the station in a ring feed (for redundancy) on raised cable trays. Should there be a fire or a cable damaged power can be quickly distributed from another direction.

MPH control room
Engine room
EPH engine room
Enercon 330 kW wind powered turbine

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