Friday, 14 March 2014

Friday 14th March 2014

Today was bloody freezing, minus fourteen and blowing thirty knots. At eight o’clock it was all hands on deck to sort out all our RTA into bulk bags depending on its priority. So all the RTA we have packed all neatly into containers in various consignments had to be all emptied out, resorted, repacked and all itemised. It was a big job and on Monday we have to do the same for all our UPE. (Unaccompanied personal effects)

After lunch I took a bit of time out to sort some emails and I nicked over to the ANARESAT building to put the antenna tracking on manual to save power, then it was back to round two of repacking in the green store. In the afternoon I went and did this week’s geomagnetic observations and it was so cold walking over and back in only a work shirt. After five it was back to the red shed to do my washing, write up my blog and then early pizza night.

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