Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sunday 30th March 2014

Today we have a blizzard gusting to sixty knots with visibility down to about five metres. Temperature is only minus eleven and there are no flights today. I have spent most of the day confined to my room writing my monthly report, getting my blog up to date and packing my gear ready to fly at short notice. This blizzard is long overdue and if the weather remains like this for the next few weeks it will cause some strife. 

Most of the new people are shocked at the raw power and energy of a blizzard. With all the blowing snow there should be a few new blizz trails around tomorrow. I have just learned the ground crew will not lift anything over fifteen kilograms, and my large Pelican case weighs twenty six, so tomorrow I will have to offload eleven kilograms into a cardboard box just for the flight out to the ship. We will have a meeting tomorrow at ten thirty to discuss the plan for tomorrow.

The view outside

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