Thursday, 27 March 2014

Thursday 27th March 2014

Today the new communications wintering crew arrived and we have started our formal handover. It’s a beautiful day with no cloud and very little wind. The temperature is around minus seventeen, yet there doesn't seem to be much action on the helipads? I think these guys must be paid by the hour? We discussed past and current problems, ran through all the systems and then went for a long walk all around station checking out all our equipment on site.

After lunch I took Garry over to the absolute magnetic hut to do this week’s observations while the weather was so good. It was a bit cool walking from the dressing room (riggers loft) to the absolute magnetic hut and poor Garry just about collapsed with hypothermia. It took a couple of hours to run through everything with him and by then we both had had enough. 

The helicopters managed to fly in fifteen thousand litres of ASB today which was pretty good as they are forecasting bad weather for the next couple of days and it looks like they won’t be flying tomorrow. Because of this we might get to have a beer tonight. 

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