Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sunday 2nd March 2014

After a nice sleep in and some brunch I vacuumed my room and the bath room for the last time as we are not allowed to use vacuum cleaners any more to save on fuel. I will break the rules and make sure I vacuum my room before the new winter expeditioner moves in. Conditions on the radio were great today and I spent about four hours on air and worked about sixty contacts from all around the world. Later I went for a walk around east arm to check out what was happening and didn't see any wildlife at all except for the baby snow petrol I have been keeping an eye on for the past several weeks. Dam this sea ice.

Lately I have fallen so far behind with my blog and I am really lacking in motivation. Everybody is in a going home frame of mind and the new fuel savings measures are taking a toll on everyday life. It's way over time for efficiencies to be introduced down here but if you start affecting the standard of living down here no one is going to want to come down here. This is our home for a year. It's not like a camping or field trip where you don't mind going without things for a while, this is our house and home and we need our comfort.

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