Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Tuesday 11th March 2014

I was pretty tired this morning and at nine am I had to attend our monthly SAR/Fire/Environment teleconference with all stations and Kingston. After this I went and did ARPANSA and at smoko we had our weekly meeting. After smoko I had to fill out some official forms to be the station electoral officer for the upcoming state elections in WA, Tas and South Australia. Not long after this we had a blackout and of course the ANARESAT tracking went into standby mode so I had to gear up and go for a wander over to the ANARESAT building to drive the antenna back onto the satellite and engage the auto tracking.

At the weekly meeting I discovered the fire roster had expired, so I went back to my room to make out a new fire roster to get us through to resupply. After some tomato soup for lunch I spent the whole afternoon doing aptitude and psychological tests online for a job interview I will have on Thursday. I think I did pretty well except for the accounting section that required lots of difficult percentage calculations that I was a bit rusty on. I could do all the calculations but all these tests were timed and I was too slow making sure I had all the right answers and I ran out of time. The last time I did one of these tests was way back in 1980 in the Melbourne Exhibition building when I tried out for a traineeship with the Department of Civil Aviation where I beat 1500 applicants to secure one of eight positions. I hope I'm the only applicant going for this job. 

After work I wandered down to the radio shack and conditions on 10m were pretty good. I made a few contacts into central Russia and Poland and then PowerSDR started to crash once again and I had to give it away and go for dinner. I really have to sort this issue out before we sail out of here as I am hoping to use my radio on the voyage back to Hobart.


  1. I remember that day - last century. That's a fork in the road I probably should have taken a different path at :-)

  2. Life is full of forks in the road Chris.
    Only regret the things you haven't done yet.
    What are you doing these days?


    1. Repairing computers. Life has taken a full circle and am now back diagnosing and repairing, although not so much with a soldering iron.

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