Saturday, 15 March 2014

Saturday 15th March 2014

I had a nice sleep in this morning and relaxed reading the news and checking my emails. I had some left over pizza for lunch and cleaned the cold porches for Saturday duties. It was blowing twenty three knots and the temperature was minus ten, a perfect day for heading down to the radio shack for a few hours.

The bands were in great shape once again and I must have made over one hundred and fifty contacts all around the world. Tonight was our end of summer dinner and we had a big flash dinner where we were served up haggis, snails, pork belly and quail. The quail was nice but you can keep the rest. Give me a home cooked dinner anytime. Jose and Peter made us a nice summer plaque with an old style ice anchor which was good of them and this will go well with my ice axe.

After dinner we were entertained (can you call it that?) by Bad News and during the breaks by Very Bad News. It was a good laugh for a while, but after a while my ears began to hurt so I sneaked off to the cinema with a nice bottle of wine to relax watching a few documentaries. The funny thing was one of the band members came to join me. It was a good night and probably a few sore heads the next day. I had so many offers to get up and play the bongos but this time I was happy just to sit and watch. 

The funniest thing was watching the senior men trying to look like rock stars with their cool sun glasses on and then during the second song replacing their cool sunnies with old man reading glasses. It was even funnier watching Steve cleaning his reading glasses up on stage with his cool tee shirt with his big guts hanging out. I like to take the piss, but good on them for getting up and entertaining us. Well done boys !!

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