Friday, 12 July 2013

Friday 12th July 2013

Today I moved all the battery's from the operations building services room to our battery bench in the workshop and later I took the old heavy battery box down to the transmitter building for storage. At one stage the wind dropped completely to zero so Chris and I took all the bags of styrofoam out of the operations building and threw it all into the RTA bin.

Whilst outside I saw several other people scurrying around taking advantage of the break in the wind. It was short lived and suddenly it came right back again to about forty knots and caught us out blowing the styrofoam out of the bags and making us run around chasing it. Any way we got the job done that had been outstanding for several weeks.

Later I hunted around the green store and finally found a roll of cable I had been looking for to run a new cable to the web camera on top of the operations building. Several cameras have died presumably from static so we are hoping a shielded utp cable might stop this from happening again.

In the afternoon I fixed up the paging system that had gone off the air. All the sparkies and plumbers rely on this system to notify them of any alarms with site services so it's considered very important. Should the heat trace go off the pipes would immediately start to freeze causing havoc.

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