Saturday, 13 July 2013

Saturday 13th July 2013

This morning was a perfect day with no wind when I woke up late. I was hanging out to get off station but we still haven't had sea ice recovery training for the Hagglunds so I couldn't take one out and non of the guy's trained were interested in going anywhere. I did consider taking a quad bike out but changed my mind as it was minus twenty five.

After brunch I made up an underwater camera mounting with twenty meters of cable for my movie camera. Later in the afternoon I had a spa and read my book and after this I then helped Cookie cook Saturday night dinner. Following the usual after dinner discussions we adjourned to Klub katabatic for a few drinks and later we watched “Meet the little Fockers” and a couple of episodes of “Red Dwarf”.


  1. What's the matter with the blokes, has the old one legged fella worn em out?
    Stay safe, enjoy.
    Cheers B&L

  2. The footy was on
    They should have watched it at night