Saturday, 27 July 2013

Saturday 27th July 2013

Today I was the cook for the whole station for the day. For brunch I cooked up sausages, bacon, eggs and pancakes. For dinner I cooked corn and crab meat soup with no crab, (I used prawns) chicken in soya source, sizing beef with green beans, fried rice, mixed vegetable stir fry and self sourcing chocolate pudding. Every one enjoyed the meal and I got lots of compliments and there was very little left over.

Some of the ingredients were not available so I had to substitute a bit and some of the vegetables where in disgusting condition and I had to do my best with what we have. I think everyone (including I) was hanging out for some tasty spicy food. One thing I really miss here is sea food.

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  1. well done , we were worried about you !
    the original chef face look .... ?