Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Wednesday 17th July 2013

Today we had to do an audit on all the hard drives and memory we have on site to prepare for the resupply. We have been going through so many hard drives this year for some reason. Once we got this out of the way my mission for today was to run permanent wiring in the bar for the video conference unit.

At the moment I have temporary wiring strung all across the ceiling which has been hurting my eyes. It took a while to hunt around for all the material I will need and I know it's going to be a bigger job than it looks but  if I go hard I am hoping I will get it done today and that will be another crossed off item for this month.

Well as expected, it turned out bigger than Ben-Hur so it will have to wait till tomorrow. After dinner for "The Peoples Night" Chris put on a slide show about his expedition to Heard Island which was very interesting, next Jeremy played a promotional movie from Hagglunds and I put on a slide show and some movies from my time in Baku, Azerbaijan which every one found fascinating.
Azerbaijan - what a contrast to Antarctica

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