Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Tuesday 2nd July 2013

Well the blizzard was still blowing fifty knots this morning and it was a nice and refreshing walk down to the ARPANSA building. Once again I spent nearly the whole day locked in my room doing follow up on yesterday’s monthly report and planning the months work ahead. I hate being stuck behind a computer all day as at the end of the day you are really tired but it feels like you haven’t done anything.

In reality though I have make a lot of progress in the past two day as I now have a much clearer idea of what work is remaining for me and what work is remaining for the Kingston engineers and my planning is now up to date. Tomorrow if I don’t get held back with too many emails I will be able to get stuck into something and start crossing things off my list again.

On another note, the blokes down at Colbek are blizzed in and can’t come back. They have been gone since Friday morning and will be confined to the hut, so I hope they are all still getting on well. Better them than me J

I found this on the sea ice the other day.
Anyone know what it is?



  1. LOL about the trip ! KARMA !
    this yellow thing look like mullet to me :)

  2. Hoping all is well Craig, I miss your blogs?