Friday, 26 July 2013

Friday 26th July 2013

Once again it was a very windy day. After hearing nothing back from Kingston about what to do with the tide gauge I decided to pack all the equipment away. Most of it had to be cleaned to get the salt water off and the poles had to be stored in the green store to melt out all the ice before putting them away.

After lunch I went down to the transmitter building and decommissioned the Inmarsat.B emergency transceiver and removed all the equipment to be RTA'ed. After work I was disturbed by a page from the doctor whilst I was having a relaxing spa to say there was a piña colada night in the bar at five o'clock.

The piña colada's went down real well even though we had to substitute the white rum with Bundy, but the million year old crackling ice made up for it. Dinner was Mexican and later on we watched the Dictator.

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