Saturday, 20 July 2013

Saturday 20th July 2013

Today after a long sleep in because of last nights activities, I strolled out to have brunch and was informed my Saturday duties is picking all the stems off all the potato's working with Luc and Chris. I was in no hurry and by the time I wandered over to the potato container Luc and Chris had long gone but there were still many boxes of growing potato's for me to take care of.

After nearly three hours and ten boxes of potato's done I felt satisfied I had done my bit for society and so I wandered back to the red shed to get rid of all the storks. My back was aching after all the bending over and heavy lifting, so I decided to go and have a spa and read my book for an hour.

Dinner was roast duck and really nice although it was a bit tough. The movie after dinner was Shutter Island and although good, was one of the most warped plots I have ever seen.