Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sunday 21st July 2013

Today I had a very relaxing day. After a long sleep in I spent most of the day reading emails, reading the news, reading my book and I also spent quite a bit of time up dating my blog.

Around about two thirty I went for a walk down to the transmitter hut and made quite a few contact using the JT65A mode causing quite a frenzy. I had a bit of a clean up down there and then headed back up to the red shed to scrounge up some thing for dinner. After dinner we watched a horror movie called Decent that was alright. I sat up till late trying to catch up on my blog.

Here I am measuring wind speed with an anemometer whilst standing next to the Campbell Stokes Recorder. This device measures sunshine. This type of recorder is made up of a glass ball which concentrates sunshine on to a thick piece of card. The sunshine then burns a mark on the card which shows the number of hours of sunshine in the day.

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