Monday, 11 November 2013

Monday 11th November 2013

First thing this morning I got the remaining gear ready for the Tregoning project for John. Now that things had settled down a bit and there were no planes scheduled for today I started back on stock taking, auditing and reordering which led into more cleaning and throwing things out.

During the ARPANSA filter change I showed Richard what to do as well as running a QC check on the spare detector and for the rest of the week he will do it on his own. After smoko we had the Monday meeting followed by more stock taking, auditing, reordering and further cleaning........great stuff.

After lunch more stock taking, auditing and reordering. Richard gave me a hand on the computer hard drive section. By day’s end I managed to complete the computer section and the cables section and my brain felt like mush. I also changed the privileges of a few accounts on the server and setup a pager as well as making telephone directories and muster lists for the two muster stations. I also found a missing radio and swapped two others in the asset log. It was a very busy day with lots of VLV radio traffic as well and I will be glad when I finally get all this auditing and reordering completed.

The wind died down to nothing around six o’clock so Justin decided to take Lydie, Bianca, Richard and Stefan out for a walk on the sea ice after dinner and within a short time the wind came up to seventy plus knots and they had to go to ground and wait to be rescued by a Hag sent out. It was a good lesson to them all how quickly conditions can become life threatening.

One of the missing radio's thanks Keldyn 

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