Sunday, 24 November 2013

Sunday 24th November 2013

This morning I slept till quite late thinking Richard will get up and do the ARPANSA filter change again but he was thinking the same thing. Eventually I got up and moseyed on out for brunch and Richard asked if I had done ARPANSA. Bugger, we were late, Geneva won’t be happy. It was another nice day and I couldn't believe they were not flying again. Two wasted perfect days. The Richardson Lake project will never happen as they are too conservative.

I spent most of the day doing washing and cleaning before heading down to the shack to see what was going on. Strait away I tuned into a Victorian station talking to the doctor at Casey station so I had a good yak to them and later about thirty contacts from both Australia and Japan. I had to walk away as Theo was putting on a science display up in the Aironomy building. Theo’s display was quite good and we had nibbles’ and then after dinner we watched a movie called ARGO that was quite good.

Aironomy building
Gone but not forgotten
Radiometer antenna


  1. G'day Craig
    In your "Gone but not forgotten" image I see Dave Callow's name. When I worked for Andrew Antennas in the late 60s early 70 Dave Callow also worked for them. Interesting guy, he designed, I built a display that was in the exhibition buidings in Melb.
    Cheers B & L

  2. Amazing what a small world we live in