Sunday, 10 November 2013

Myth busted

And now for something completely different

The air in Antarctica is so pure you rarely smell anything, but when you do it is really intense.
Such as, you might be outside working and suddenly you will get a whiff of the power house exhaust or the incinerator exhaust or if you are really unlucky the shit farm vent which nearly blows your nose off.

Normally out in the field you never smell anything including the penguin colonies even though there is shit everywhere. Walking into the hydroponics hut, the smell is really intense and the smell of the tomato plants is awesome. Now that things are warming up and the snow and ice is starting to melt in the intense sun and radiant heat from the rock warming up, the penguin rookeries are starting to stink rotten as the shit and dead birds thaw out. 

I conducted an interesting experiment the other day. I was out battling my way in a 70 knot blizzard when I let rip with a big fart and it travelled all the way up my clothes and into the hood of my jacket and it stunk really bad. I have tried to see the steam from a fart without success but I think if you were naked it would work depending on the water content of the fart which is mostly methane. Taking a piss doesn't result in walking sticks either but it does freeze instantly on the ice or rock. So that's the truth about Antarctica.

[Photos to be added]

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