Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Wednesday 13th November 2013

Today I worked very hard doing auditing and re-ordering all day until I finally had it all finished. I did ARPANSA as Richard went out for a jolly with Helen. At smoko Theo from Aironomy gave me a faulty external hard drive to have a look at. The power supply was kaput and I spent an hour and a half making a new power supply only to find out the drive had a short circuit. When I gave it back to him he tells me he had the data backed up anyway.

After lunch I got to work on the geo-mag computer and setup wifi and installed Dimension 4 to automatically synchronize the time to a time server so I never have to adjust it manually. I also loaded some antivirus software so I can surf the net if I need to. The baslar landed again today with the remaining cargo and an extra chippie. My valve arrived within the cargo so that was exciting.

For the peoples night John the artist gave a talk on his art career which was very interesting and then he put a few cartons of Moo Brew over the bar which he designed the labels for, and we had a good chat late into the evening.


Last sunset 00:10 November 29th

Last sunrise 01:03 November 29th

First midnight sun 00:38 November 30th

Last midnight sun 00:58 January 12th 

First sunset 00:49 January 13th

First sunrise 01:07 January 13th

All times are Mawson basted time which is five hours ahead of GMT. Sunrise and sunset times can be affected by atmospheric conditions and by anything that sticks up above sea level (mountains, icebergs etc) and also by the observer’s height above sea level so allow a few minutes either side of the times given above.

At Mawson our time according to longitude is four hours and eleven minutes ahead of GMT so our local time is 49 minutes ahead of the sun which is why the ‘midnight sun’ does not occur at midnight.

John did a drawing for me of one of his Moo Brew labels. Maybe I could make a fortune on Ebay ?

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