Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tuesday 26th November 2013

Lately the 24 hour day light has being playing havoc with my sleeping. I keep waking up around 4 am and can’t get back to sleep so last night I blanked out my window with cardboard and it seems to be working as I went back to sleep real easy. You have to try and trick yourself its dark and past bed time. You would never get the kids to sleep down here.

Today I had a successful moon bounce (EME) sked with Paul ZS6NK in South Africa. That is my seventh and a new continent. I was hoping to deploy the tide gauge today and I also have to get over to Beche Island to do a bit of work over there but this all needs to be done on a fine day and I need a Hag to do both. I started to get things organised for both jobs so I am ready when the weather is fine next. 

I packed away the two tide gauge containers and in the afternoon I did magnetic observations. It still took me well over two hours but I felt a lot more comfortable this time. It’s very tedious and repetitive and rather boring and it’s so easy to make a mistake. On the way back I found what I think is the very first mag-obs bench mark having 1954 stamped on it. After dinner I watched two episodes of Home Land.

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