Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Tuesday 12th November 2013

It was blowing about sixty knots today but the wind felt warm being only -1.5c. Richard did ARPANSA today so now we can alternate every week as I did with Chris which is good. I worked very hard doing auditing and re-ordering all day as I just want to get it finished and over and done with. Only five more pages to go and if I work hard tomorrow on it, I should get it all finished. Auditing always leads to cleaning and putting things away and there was plenty of that done.

While I was having lunch a cheeky Adélie penguin walked past the mess window. There is a few getting around station now. On the 12th November, we had a new record for the year; we had a maximum temperature of +4.5 C!
The previous hottest day of the year 2013 was on 18 January and we then had +04.0 C. The highest temperature ever at Mawson was + 10.6 C and was recorded on 9 January 1974.

After dinner we watched a couple of episodes of Home Land and I am starting to get hooked on it. Once again I worked on my blog till midnight to try and catch up.

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