Saturday, 2 November 2013

Saturday 2nd November 2013

Today I had to cook and luckily for me the flight from Davis was cancelled so rather than cooking for thirty people I only had to cook for fifteen people. As everyone is getting sick of the usual bland steak and broccoli, I decided to do something special and spice things up a bit. I cooked chicken in soy source, seafood fried rice, Jjukkumi Gui (Spicy grilled baby octopus), salt and pepper squid, Chinese stir fried vegetables and self saucing chocolate pudding.

All went well even though I was missing a few ingredients and it was a last minute rush to get it finished on time as I always have trouble with the timing. It went over so well most people went up for a second helping and I think everybody thanked me for such a nice dinner. Luc even went as far as saying it was the best meal for the year so I was very happy with all the nice comments after all the hard work I put in. 

After cleaning up the mess we all headed down to the old station and had drinks and nibbles in the “Shackleton” sleeping quarters. We had setup a TV and later we watched “Mission Impossible 4”. It was a good night but quite cold and it was good to get back to the red shed and warm up again.

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