Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Tuesday 19th November 2013

I’m finally getting on top of things with the help of Richard and I now have time to do a few of the smaller jobs around the place. I made a new service and maintenance manual for the ANARESAT. I made a new amplifier and antenna tuning chart and went down to the transmitter building and filled in all the results. I checked the web camera and found a missing IP connection to the Mawson Intranet website that needs repairing then I did ARPANSA.

It has been snowing heavily most of the day and it was nice to sit out in it and watch the flakes coming down instead of sandblasting your face sideways. Everything is nice and white and there is deep snow everywhere again but it’s so warm it’s all melting causing puddles that freeze over. Just before lunch I dropped into wombat to see how John the artist is coming along. He’s been pretty busy and has knocked out quite a lot of paintings.

After lunch I played a good prank on Terry the new chippie, he was hammering in Weddell doing some restoration work and I was on the outside. When he was hammering, I was hammering in time on the outside wall and I started doing one extra bang after he finished. He must have thought the place was haunted. I wish I could have seen his face. It went on for a while, and then he would do one and I would do one, then he would do two and so on and so on. Eventually he did the old door knock and I finished with knock knock and walked off. He never knew who did it. Late in the afternoon I went for a long walk around to check for damage after the big blizzard on the weekend.

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