Friday, 1 November 2013

Friday 1st November 2013

Today was once again a beautiful day with clear blue sky and very little wind. John asked me if I would do the cane line with him today from F14 to Fang and then back to Rumdoodle and then back to F14 as we weren't scheduled to have a flight today. Although I should be resting I couldn't resist with the weather the way it is so at ten thirty we headed off up the plateau. Conditions were perfect up on the plateau and it was a pleasure to be working there with the best view in the world. First we had to dig out the trailer and break it out of the snow. We worked hard and fast and got all the lines done we had planned to do and it was about seven o’clock by the time we got back on station. After dinner I had a few beers but was very tired so I had an early night.

David Range

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