Monday, 31 March 2014

Leaving Antarctica 31st March 2014

Well the time has finally come, after 419 days on the Antarctic continent; I am finally leaving Mawson station by helicopter to make the hundred kilometre flight out to the Aurora Australis ice breaker. While waiting for the resupply to be completed I will be able to be contacted by phone and email, but I will not have any Internet access so I will not be able to update my blog until I get back to Hobart sometime around the 2nd of May. My email address during the voyage will be

Progress of my voyage back to Hobart can be followed here: and web cameras on-board the Aurora Australis ice breaker can be viewed here:


  1. Hi Craig, it's been great to follow your adventure over the last 12 months, there is another comms tech at Casey for Winter that is blogging now as well, so as your time finishes, his begins and a new blog to follow, Cheers Grant VK3VIM

    1. Hi Grant got a link for this new blog to follow?

    2. Sure thing Adam, Should be an interesting read over the next 12 months, I emailed him the other day and he has some good posts coming up.

  2. Thank you Craig for one of the most interesting travel stories l have ever read or followed. l am proud to call you my Son.Safe trip home.xx